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Bespoke commercial catering equipment and fabrications

Custom commercial kitchen designs for restaurants, takeaways, pubs, schools, care homes and more

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Bespoke Catering Fabrications

We craft custom fabrications to create the perfect fixtures for restaurants, cafes, pubs, takeaways and all manner of commercial catering equipment. All of our units are made from the very best commercial grade stainless steel, making them strong and versatile.

With custom plans made by experienced designers and excellently crafted fabrications, all of our units are perfectly made to fit your unique kitchen and bar space.
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Commercial Kitchen Design

Designing, making and installing bespoke catering equipment and custom fabrications for the kitchens that power pubs, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, bistros, hospitals, care homes and schools, is at the heart of what do.
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Our Services

Bespoke Fabrications - IconBespoke Fabrications
Through our second-to-none design service, we create custom fabrications to ensure the perfect solution for every type of establishment.
Bespoke Fabrications - IconCatering Equipment
It goes without saying that a kitchen can’t really get started without the right equipment. We stock and source the very best equipment from around the world.
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Bespoke Fabrications - IconPlanning & Design
Planning and designs that are to the highest possible standards for high performance workspaces and policy compliance.
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Bespoke Fabrications - IconVentilation & Extraction Systems
One of the most important and often overlooked parts of the workspace. Our expert CAD designers ensure a state-of-the art system is in place and that all guidelines are adhered to.
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Bespoke Fabrications - IconInstallation
Once the plans have been agreed, we have all of the required trades ‘under one ro of’ to handle the process from start to finish, our expert installation team make this process seamless. 
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Bespoke Fabrications - IconServicing & Aftercare
Keep your kitchen safe, hygienic and compliant by regularly servicing your electrical appliances and ventilation systems provided by Express caterings servicing and aftercare team.
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Ventilation and Extraction Systems

One of the most important and often overlooked parts of the workspace is the ventilation and extraction systems. You are required by law to have effective extraction in every commercial kitchen to protect the wellbeing of your staff and customers by carrying away gases, steam, smoke and grease elements from the air. You must regularly have the system cleaned and maintained to reduce blockages and fires.
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